My vision for the school is really pretty simple. We will continue to develop a laser-like focus on student achievement, furthering the work begun by Miss Gibbs.  We will work tirelessly to reform and refine the systems we have put in place over the last two years in order to provide the time, support, and resources necessary to ensure that all students learn at or above grade level in math, english, and science.  We will place a special emphasis on closing the achievement gap for all students, especially those populations most at-risk.  We will continue to welcome our community members into the school to partner with us in achieving great results for all of our students.  And finally we will celebrate success at every opportunity, for teachers and students alike.  Everyone at Centennial– the faculty, staff, students, volunteers and family members– works too hard not to be successful and deserves to have their efforts recognized and rewarded.  We will do that.

In closing, I’m looking forward to next school year and beyond.  Centennial is a great school and a great place to work.  I love the people that I spend each day with, and I’m excited to see our students accomplish great things.  Thanks for your support.


Kyle Bates Principal