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Centennial Middle School

Meet our Main Office Aides

I thought it would be fun to introduce our office aides since they are often the first faces you see when you visit the building. You may also hear them answering the phones! We asked them each to name two things they like:

Quinn Boxx enjoys talking to people and he loves grapes.

Maaike Krommenhoek was born in China and is the best at answering phones.

Toby Streeter loves Star Wars and Legos.

Magdalena Leyton-Lara is the biggest Swiftie at CMS and loves horror movies.

Gwen Broberg plays soccer and likes to draw.

Macy McCullough loves to play basketball and loves the Jonas Brothers.

Ada Harding has learned it is best to be yourself in middle school.

Brooklyn Okey likes hanging out with friends and vacations.

Bennet Schmutz likes skiing and Eggos.

Taly Judd loves to dance and is the only girl in her family.

Nola Gray loves to cheer and shop.

Nixon Haering is a Dodgers fan and loves to play baseball.

Ben Allred likes sports and likes food.

Tali Latu plays volleyball and loves going to Hawaii.

Takumi Toma likes sports and hanging out with friends.

Cooper Hanson likes the Chargers and chasing bread.

Maylin McGowan likes to play soccer and is the oldest of 6 siblings.

Tessa Reichner likes drawing ducks and also likes grapes.

Jackson Ford plays basketball and speaks French.

Ellie Snow plays soccer and likes hanging out with friends.

Teacher Feature – Mindy Haws

Mindy teach English here at CMS. She is also mentoring our new English teachers and is a member of our school leadership team. She is a talented teacher who makes learning fun and engaging for her students. She is a fan of the Buffalo Bills and came to us from Idaho. Her mom also works in our library. They are both some of the kindest people you will ever meet. We are so lucky to have her with us here in Provo.

September Highlights

How is September already over? We had fun with our spirit week, picture day, and some visitors teaching us more about the constitution. We also collected applications for our student trip to Washington DC and are excited for our new group of travelers.

Upcoming Events

October 2- Panorama Survey during PACKOctober 3- PTA Meeting 10am

October 4-Kindness Retreat

October 12-Choir concerts

October 18-End of term 1

October 19-24- Fall Break

October 25-31- Red Ribbon Week

October 31-Halloween (costumes are allowed, but students must be recognizable, non-offensive, no weapons of any kind even toys, and adhere to the dress code policy)

Principal’s Message

Thank you for a super September! We loved having many of you in the building or on Zoom for Parent Teacher Conferences and are very grateful to those who helped with the PTA lunch for teachers that day. I was also excited to see how many parents attended our last PTA meeting. Please consider joining the PTA and coming to our next meeting.

You may have noticed that we are doing the Panorama survey in PACK on Monday, October 2. We use the results from that survey to make decisions in our school improvement plan, in PACK classes, mentor assignments, and outreach for student who may be in need. We also have a Student Success Team that meets monthly and can use data from both this survey and PowerSchool to identify students who need more support. It is also a useful survey for individual students and our teachers. It gives us an idea of what we are doing well and need to improve upon. If you would prefer to opt your student out, please email Jeremiah Tijerina at

We also had a successful lockdown drill this month. Those are for times when there is a threat inside the building. Students and teachers are trained to be stay quiet and out of sight. If there were ever an emergency resulting in evacuation, our first meet up location is on the field behind the school. If that is not possible, we would move to the BYU lacrosse fields for reunification. If you have any questions regarding emergency protocols or safety plans, please feel free to reach out to administration. Jeannette Moreira, our assistant principal, is over safety, but either of us are happy to help in any way.

On a very different note, our students have been amazing this year. We have seen a vast improvement in behavior, attendance, and tardies. Thank you! Unfortunately, we did have a hard time keeping the back field and outside tables clean during lunch, and we received some complaints from people attending soccer games on that field. As a result, we are no longer allowing food outside. Students will eat in the cafeteria. They can still go outside during lunch after eating and cleaning up inside. If we can keep the cafeteria clean and follow the expectations, they will earn back the ability to eat outside.

Lastly, thank you for the support in classrooms. Our PTA has helped coordinate parent volunteers per teacher needs, and it has been much appreciated by our faculty. We also love having parents in the building more often. We don’t get to see you all as much as the elementary schools do, so it is fun to find ways to make that happen.

Our community is the best. Thank you for that and for trusting us with your children.


As we enter the fall and winter seasons, we need to be prepared for inclement weather and the district would like to ensure that everyone is aware of the ways in which we will communicate...

As we enter the fall and winter seasons, we need to be prepared for inclement weather and the district would like to ensure that everyone is aware of the ways in which we will communicate...

We have an assembly schedule tomorrow October 31. Here is the Bell Schedule: 1. 8:05-9:05 ASSEMBLY in PACK 9:10-10:20 2. 10:25-11:25 1st lunch 11:25-11:50 3. 11:55-12:55   3....