On January 25th we held our annual STEM Fair.  We had over 180 entries. Congratulations to the winners!


1st Place Samuel Bills                                                                       7th Place James Oldroyd and Carter Halladay

2nd Place Thomas Nuila                                                                  8th Place Emma Sowards and Phaedra Henry

3rd Place Lizzie Jensen                                                                    9th Place Madelyn Zameis

4th Place Sarah Stone                                                                       10th Place Jesse Hoopes

5th Place James Smith                                                                      11th Place Sofia Thompson and Eliana Parkinson

6th Place Zoey Stubbs and Amber Smoot                                     12th Place Annalise Drewes


1st Place Christopher Robison

2nd Place Grace Haraguchi

3rd Place Jacob Willson

All of the students will be competing at the District Level.

We wish them good luck!