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Last modified: August 1, 2022

Chinese Dli 3 中文三

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

Welcome to Chinese DLI Chinese 3 Honors Language! I am looking forward to a great semester with you. Throughout this course, we will study Chinese language and the Chinese culture.

Learning Expectations

My hope is that we can have fun exploring the Chinese language and culture together. We have a lot of materials to cover in just one semester. Your daily attendance and participation is essential. In addition, I expect each student to display the characteristics of personal responsibility, respect, integrity, discipline, and engagement. In return for you attentiveness during class, I will do my part to make the course interesting and relevant to your lives.

Assessment of Progress

In-Class Activity/Journal Entry 50%: Class participation is essential, and it includes daily journal and in class activities.

Quizzes/Tests 20 %: There will be a quiz in the last meeting of each week unless I give clear instruction not to do so.

Assignments 15%: Assignments will be assigned each day and will be due the following class period for correction in class and/or collection by teacher. I expect that ALL assignments will be your own work.

Unit Assessment 15%: Each unit has an unit assessment. Students will complete the unit assessment at the end of each unit. The unit assessments will enhance students’ Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills in the target language and prepare them for the AP test.

Course Materials

You need a 3-ring binder and a notebook to keep your Chinese notes, handouts, and assignments. Bring your Chinese 3-ring binder to class everyday. It is your textbook and will help you succeed in this class.

Classroom Procedures

Late Work Policy: I do not accept any late work.

Attendance: We will follow Centennial’s attendance policy (see student handbook for details). In our class, being “on time” means being in the classroom when the bell rings.

Absent Work: If you are absent, you will be required to turn in the work (assignments, projects & tests) that was due that day on the day you return. If you miss a day of class, you are responsible to look up the blog and review what you missed, and complete the assignments for that day. Assignments are due the day you return to class.

Extra Credit: I do not offer extra credit.

Electronic Devices: Read the policy listed in your student handbook. I will follow this “no tolerance” policy.