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Last modified: August 1, 2022

Science 7 Honors

Curriculum Description:

The 7th grade science class theme is  Changes Over Time . We will be focusing on the following standards:

1. Forces are Interactions Between Matter.

Interactions include: Forces and Motion, Action and Reaction, Electric and Magnetic Forces, and Gravity.

2. Earth’s Processes/Changes to Earth Over Time.

Processes include: Rock Cycle, Earth’s Surface Changes, Engineering and Geologic Hazards, Earth’s Interior, Plate Tectonics, and Earth’s Age.

3. Structure and Function of Life.

Structures include: Cells, Cell Parts and Functions, and Human Body Organization.

4. Reproduction and Inheritance.

This includes: Reproduction Types, Reproduction Adaptations, Mutations, and Human Caused Genetic Changes.

5. Changes in Species Over Time.

Changes include: Developing Traits for Survival, Life Changes Over Time, Connecting Modern to Ancient Organisms, and Comparative Embryology.

Course Content:   Science materials include textbooks, lab experiments, handouts, videos, and packets for each strand studied. 7th grade textbook free at ( or (   Supplies Requested : 3 ring binder, writing utensil- not  red.

Grading:  In addition to science work required, attendance, participation, & staying on task determines grades.

The student’s job is to come to class prepared to learn with the  proper materials (3 ring notebook, and pen or pencil-not red),  and to complete assignments legibly, accurately, & in a timely fashion. All assignments for each unit are due on the test day for that completed strand. Points for class include finished packets, tests, lab work, and projects done in class as well as at home. Tests comprise approximately 30% of grades & the remainder from other work. Grading scale is as follows: 100-93% = A 92-90% = A- 89-86% = B+ 85-83% = B 82-80% = B- 79-76% = C+ 75-73% = C 72-70 = C- 69 – 67% = D+  66 – 63% = D 62 – 60% = D- Below 60% = Incomplete.

Makeup Work : Assignments may be made up but it is up to the student to contact another classmate or the teacher to find out what was missed and make it up promptly.

Where to go for Help:   I am here at school from 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. every day. Please call or email me if needed.