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Centennial Middle School

Last modified: August 1, 2022

Academic Skills

Centennial Middle School 2019-2020 WELCOME TO BASIC ACADEMIC SKILLS

Centennial Middle School | (801) 370-4621

Key Assignments

Students will be expected to meet with me once a week to discuss academic progress and goals. Students are expected to come to this discussion prepared, and with their class planning sheet completed so that we can use our meeting time most effectively. Students will turn in your planning sheet weekly.

Hall Pass

You are not permitted to use the hall pass during the first or last 10 minutes of class or during teacher instruction. During the rest of class, the hall pass will be used at my discretion. You will be given two hall passes to use during the term. If you have an emergency, please talk to me; otherwise, stay in class. Our class time is precious!


This class will be a pass/fail course. You will receive study skills points for this course, as well as receive points for your weekly planning sheet and weekly meetings. Class Overview

This class is designed to provide academic support as well as the time necessary to complete school assignments. We will also focus on study skills and planning—skills essential to your success as a student as as a contributor to your future communities.

Class Rules

Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Prepared Be Honest Be a Contributor

Students who do not follow these rules will lose study skills points. Points may be earned back through meaningful contributions to our class.

I support and enforce all school and district policies.

Contact Information

Come see me in my room before (7:30-7:55) or after (3:00-3:30) school E-mail me at Call the office and leave me a message. 1 Centennial Middle School 2019-2020 Materials Needed

Each day, students should come prepared with the following: • Weekly planning sheet (this

will be given to you in class)

Homework or other

assignments to work on in

class Supplies for assignments Pens and pencils

Students with Disabilities

Several federal laws are designed to protect your educational rights. If you have a learning disability, you may qualify for additional protections or accommodations. Feel free to talk with me, an administrator, or your counselor for additional assistance. Chromebooks

Chromebooks will be for schoolwork only. No games! You will lose the privilege of using the Chromebook if you have more than one infraction per term.

Class Discipline

Problems in class will be dealt with according to the following system. 1st offense: warning 2nd offense: lunch detention and phone call home 3rd offense: after school detention

Reading/ Creative Writing Time

If you are current with your class assignments and passing all your classes, you will be required to use this period responsibly. Reading will increase your academic success as will writing. Always have a reading book with you, Daily writing prompts will be available to stimulate creative/ journal writing. 2 Centennial Middle School 2019-2020

Due Date (10 points) _____________

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am excited to teach your child this year! I sincerely care about each of my students, and their progress and success is of the utmost importance to me. Because of all that we will learn this year, this class will require the cooperation of parents, students, and the teacher. If you are concerned about your child’s academic standing, need clarification regarding this document, or have other concerns about my class, please contact me at school or by email ( Contacting me via email is the best way to get in touch with me. I check my email each day and will respond within two school days of receiving your message.

I have created a class website that is designed to help students with their assignments. I will update the website daily with class notes, handouts, and announcements. Exemplary student work will occasionally be displayed on the website; students will be identified by first name and last initial only. I will also use the website and email to inform you about upcoming assignments, tests, and activities in class (including film clips that we may watch as they enhance curricular objectives), and I hope that it will be a useful resource for you.

I anticipate that this will be a successful year for your child. I look forward to working together!

Best, Mallory Judkins _________________________________________________________________________________

In an effort for Centennial to go paperless, please go to and click on “Sign Disclosure” under the Academic Assistance tab to electronically sign the disclosure document as well as provide other information that will be very helpful as I work with your student.