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Last modified: August 1, 2022

Math Skills


In Math Skills, we teach the most essential topics from both 7th and 8th grade curriculum.

I am here as a resource for your child and you. I will attend to each student’s IEP goals and structure my class in a way that students feel safe and successful. I know that parents/guardians are instrumental to their child’s success and I hope to be in contact with you often. I will be using the Remind app to send emails or text messages to update you on homework, upcoming tests, and share stories of your child’s success. Directions to sign up for the Remind app are on the last page of this disclosure. It is preferred that parents sign up for this reminder app so that we can stay in frequent communication and allow for more success for your child. If you choose not to sign up, I may contact you and ask for your preference on communicating with me.


I have five classroom expectations that I teach and enforce. They are:

Participate: Be on task and follow directions immediately Punctual: Be in your seat with needed materials when the bell rings Polite: Use positive, appropriate language Personal Space: Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself Persevere: Keep trying even when it is hard

When students follow these expectations they receive:

Praise Positive point/Ticket Class store Class party

When students choose not to follow these expectations they receive:

Warning Negative point/No ticket Teacher conference Phone call home Lunch Detention


Grades will be determined by:

Tests Quizzes Classroom Work

Grading Scale:

A: 100% – 93%       C: 76% – 73%

A-: 92% – 90%                C-: 72% – 70%

B+:89% – 87%      D+: 69% – 67%

B:86% – 83% B         D: 66% – 63%

B-: 82% – 80% B-         D-: 62% – 60% D-

C+:79% – 77%         I: 59% and under

Citizenship Grades:

Citizenship grades are dependent upon classroom behavior.

Outstanding (O): 0-1 tardy, regular participation, prepared, good attendance, not disruptive

Satisfactory (S): 2-3 tardies, frequent participation, often prepared, good attendance, not disruptive

Needs Improvement (N): 4-5 tardies, seldom participates, questionable classroom behavior, disruptive

Unsatisfactory (U): 6+ tardies, no participation, often unprepared, disruptive for teacher/sub, defiant

All school and district policies will be supported and enforced

Tardy Policy:

First Tardy- Warning

Second Tardy- Warning

Third Tardy- Lunch Detention

Fourth Tardy- 2nd Lunch Detention & parent contact

Fifth Tardy- Referral to administration

Fidget Spinners & Cell Phones:

If your child has a specific need for a fidget spinner to help with focusing, please contact me. Otherwise, I kindly ask that you refrain from sending your child with one to school. If a student has a fidget spinner in class, it will be confiscated and returned at the end of the school week. A parent or guardian will need to pick it up if it is taken a second time.

As per school policy, cell phones use is prohibited on campus, this includes my classroom. Calculators will be provided to students who need them.

Suggested Materials:

Pencil with eraser Notebook (preferably composite) that will stay in the classroom Scientific Calculator (TI-30X IIS is the one commonly used in my classroom) for homework and at-home activities. We will be using this calculator in class (TI-30X IIS) It can be purchased at Wal-Mart or online for $9-$15.