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Centennial Middle School

Last modified: August 1, 2022

Science Bowl

2019-2020 Science Bowl Elective Disclosure

Mrs. Threlfall ( Phone: 801-361-1737

Mrs. Midgley (   Phone: 208-850-9544

Room #36

INTRODUCTION: Welcome to Centennial Science Bowl! We are excited that you are in this academically challenging and fun competition class.

CURRICULUM DESCRIPTION: This class will consist of these five competitive subjects: Math, Earth and Space Science, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Please make sure you are also aware of how energy and technology are included in each of these areas. You will choose your specialty area of interest and become an even greater expert of that subject in our class.

This class is also in preparation for a regional overnight competition that will occur in February 2020 in Boise, Idaho. You will be competing for a spot to attend that competition. We will hold in-class weekly competitions to help you prepare for it. As the competition approaches we will increase in-class competitions to more than once a week. After the competition we will continue our learning by making presentations and creating experimental design projects as well as having a final fun in-class competition with prizes and food!

SUPPLIES REQUESTED: Composition Notebook and pen/pencil

GRADING: Grades will be based on the following:

In-class work and study skills, including note taking Student led presentations Experimental design projects Grading scale is as follows: 100-93% = A   92-90% = A- 89-86% = B+ 85-83% = B   82-80% = B- 79-76% = C+ 75-73% = C 72-70 = C-    69 – 67% = D+ 66 – 63% = D 62 – 60% = D- Below 60% = Incomplete.

DAILY ROUTINE:This will be a fun class, but one in which you will be expected to work hard and compete. The following will be your daily routine:

Science Teaser (10 min) Group study work on Notes Packet (40 min) Science in the News (10 min)

CLASS/LAB POLICIES: Students must observe classroom, school, lab, and district rules. Appropriate language and topics of discussion and only positive comments will be used at all times. Students will treat property, other students and teachers with respect. No cell phones, (no calling, answering, texting), or use of iPods, or any other listening device during class. Students are expected to be on time and prepared each day, and to follow instructions. No food, drink (except water), or GUM allowed in science class unless specified by the teacher.

STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES:  If you have any disability that may impair your ability to successfully complete this course, please let me know. Academic accommodations are granted for all students who have qualified, documented disabilities.