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Last modified: November 11, 2022

Kelemen, Klark

Clark Kelemen Email: Phone Extension: 1331


 Mr. Kelemen

Math Disclosure Document

Welcome to 7th grade.

Course Description/Learning  Expectations

College Prep Math 7                         see Syllabi tab above

Math 7 Honors                                     see Syllabi tab above

College Prep Math 7 Support       see Syllabi above

Materials needed daily:

Pencil – pens and mechanical pencil are discouraged.

Binder with paper or spiral notebook .

Textbook – GoMath

Simple function calaculators are available – Phones can not be used as calculators.

*Student are encouraged to bring their own calculator.

Class Procedures:

Centennial school wide rules:

Be on task and follow directions.

Be in seat with needed materials when bell rings.

Be polite, use appropriate positive language.

Be aware of other’s personal space keeping hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

Be persistent when challenged, it is appropriate to struggle.


When a student comes unprepared materials can be provided but a pattern of coming to

class unprepared may be cause for a lower citizenship grade if it becomes a disruption to class

instruction.   Citizenship grade will reflect comportment and class engagement.

Provo District Academic Grading Scale:

93%     A                     83%     B               73%           C+

90%     A-                    80%     B-             70%          C-

87%     B+                   77%     C+             60%          D

I for incomplete or below 60%.

Taking Notes in Class:

A notebook is best. No one style of note taking is adequate for every student. Therefore, the notebooks will have various forms according to the student’s own personality. However, some form of note taking and keeping notes is important. Weekly note checks will be made to monitor class participation as it is a visible record of participation. Notes will be checked for neatness, completeness, and content.

Homework and Class assignments:

Students are expected to do their own work. Sometimes that means individually and sometimes it means as part of a group. It always includes showing work. Do not just write answers without the work.   Not showing work is not completing the assignment.

Formative Assessments (in-class work and activities, assignments, quizzes, and other learning assessments) will be scored and recorded, but the score may not count towards the final grade.

Progress will be assessed, as follows:

I – Insufficient evidence to assess proficiency (This generally means the particular assessment was not completed.)

1 – Not proficient

2 – Approaching proficiency

3 – Proficient

4 – Exceeds proficiency

Summative Assessments (tests, term projects, and appropriate alternative assessments) will be scored and recorded. These scores will count towards the final grade.

Progress will be assessed, as follows:

Testing (not included in Math support classes)

Tests with scores below 70% can be re-taken up until the last week of a term. If a

test score is below 70% students will be expected to retake it until a score over 70% is

achieved.  It is wise to have all missing work leading to a test be completed before a

test re-take. Final due dates for all make-up tests is the last week of the term.

Progress report and report cards:

Weekly student progress will be available online through PowerSchool.   Going online

you can view in detail assignments and scores.   At the end of each term grades are

submitted to the district and you will receive a final grade report for the term.

The following is how to interpret letter grades to your child’s proficiency:

not proficient 65%

approaching proficiency 75%

proficient 85%

exceeds proficiency 95%

Contact Mr. Kelemen     Email: