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Last modified: November 11, 2022

James Mitchell

Welcome to Math 7

Contact Information


Phone: (801) 370-4621 Ext: 1385

Course Description


My name is Mr. Mitchell and I’m excited to be teaching Math 7 this year.  I believe that anyone who puts forth the effort, is willing to make mistakes, and has the courage to ask for help, will succeed in this class.

Below is a simple outline of the most important topics we will be covering this year, but for a more complete outline of the curriculum, click the link below.  It outlines the essential learning targets in black lettering but also includes additional topics that may be covered in blue lettering.

If you have any questions, concerns, or if there is anything you wish me know about your child, feel free to send me a private email.  If a phone call is preferable, just let me know when the best time to contact you is and I’d be happy to call.

Link to Comprehensive Outline:–tHfICLuW1DtIbWn0FYVI1ViRd868/edit?usp=sharing 

Measure of Achievement

Grades reflect the progress students have made in developing mathematical knowledge and skills.  Tests and quizzes provide students with an opportunity to show how much they have learned. While classwork, taking notes, and homework will not be graded, participation in these activities will impact the students ability to learn the material and develop the needed skills.


Students are encouraged to learn from their mistakes and retake tests when needed.  Before a retake may be taken, students will need to show me their homework and class notes.  As needed, students will be directed to complete their homework and/or class notes before the retake. Additionally, practice problems may be given to help them prepare for the retake.  Once graded, the new score will replace the old one. Tests can be retaken up until the last week of the term.

Course Material

Pencil and Eraser:

Because we all make mistakes

Red Pen:

This will be used to help students navigate their notes and identify important concepts as they work individually and as groups to learn material

Ruled Notebook:

Used for writing and organizing notes

Folder or Binder:

To keep loose leaf paper organized

Class Notes / Notebooks:

Students will be required to take notes in class and encouraged extensively to refer to their notes as they develop mathematical thinking.  Those who forget their notebooks have not come prepared for class and will still be expected to take notes. Repeated instances of failing to bring notebooks to class may result in lunch detention or a call home.

Class Procedures

Warm Ups:

Students will be expected to be in their seats working on the Warm Up at the beginning of class each day.  This helps students cement their understanding of topics previously learned and prepares them for the lesson ahead.

Note Taking:

Students will take notes during class instruction and use them as their first source of help when they have questions.


In addition to taking notes, students will work in groups and contribute to class discussions.  Mathematics is best learned by doing, so participation in class is key. Students are not expected to know all the answers or be correct all the time, but they are expected to try their best.


When a student misses class, the first sources they should turn to are their classmates and the outline included on Google Classroom.  This class webpage will include links to helpful videos and practice problems. Where more support is required, I can be made available after school as needed.

Bathroom Breaks:

Students are expected to use the restroom during their breaks but will be given 3 bathroom break tickets to use throughout the year.  If used, students lose the privilege to leave class for this purpose. If unused, students may exchange them at the end of the year for Pride Cards.

Course Webpage:

This year I’ll be using Google Classroom to outline lessons, create quizzes, and provide students with additional material to help them learn material.  While currently still in the works, it will be accessible to parents and students through the student’s school google account.

Centennial School Wide Rules