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Centennial Middle School

Last modified: August 1, 2022

Basic Academic Skills

Disclosure Document 2019-2020

Course: Basic Academic Skills Teacher: Ms. Heninger (Miss H) Room #29

In this class you will be given time to complete homework from any of your classes.  We will do grade checks, and fill out weekly plan sheets. The completed planning sheet will then be turned in for points. We will also be discussing learning styles and homework helps.

This is a PASS/FAIL class.  You will receive a passing grade for completing your planning sheet and working productively during class. Tardy’s do count, so be on time.

If you are caught up in all your classes, you may choose to read, draw, journal, or do a fast finisher. If you do not find something to do, I will choose for you.

Talking is NOT an option.

Chromebooks will be for schoolwork only. No games!!!!

You will be expected to live up to the Centennial PRIDE model.

I commit to doing my best in Academic Assistance by —

STAYING on task and RESPECTING others.

COMPLETING my work AND asking for HELP when needed.

Hall/Bathroom Passes: Students are given 4 hall passes each term. If lost they will not be replaced. If not used they may be turned in for a reward at the end of the term. Students must take the hall pass to leave the room. Students may not leave during teacher instruction. Students may not leave the room 10 minutes before or after the bell rings. Do not lose them.

__________    Both I and my parents have signed the school Chromebook Usage Agreement.

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