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Centennial Middle School

Last modified: August 1, 2022

Basic Academic Skills

Description In this class you will be given time to complete homework from any of your classes. We will do grade checks and fill out a weekly plan sheet. The completed planning sheet will be checked off for points. We will also be learning about study tips, test taking skills, learning styles, and general helps to be successful in your classes.

Materials Needed to Be Successful Each day, students should come prepared with the following:  Weekly planning sheet (this will be given to you in class)  Homework or other assignments to work on in class  Supplies for assignments  Pens and pencils

Key Assignments Students will be expected to meet with me once a week to discuss academic progress and goals. Students are expected to come to this discussion prepared, and with their class planning sheet completed so that we can use our meeting time most effectively.

Hall Passes You are not permitted to use the hall pass during the first or last 10 minutes of class or during teacher instruction. During the rest of class, the hall pass will be used at my discretion. You will be given two hall passes to use during the term. If you have an emergency, please talk to me; otherwise, stay in class. Our class time is precious!

Grading This class will be a pass/fail course. You will receive points for your weekly planning sheet and weekly meetings. You are expected to be working on something for the entire time every single day.

Class Discipline Problems in class will be dealt with according to the following system.  1st offense: Loss of participation (citizenship) points  2nd offense: Visit after class  3rd offense: Behavior reflection  4th offense: Lunch detention  5th offense: Phone Call/Email Home  6th offense: After School Detention  7th offense: ISS and/or Parent Visit

Important Class Information:

Attendance: Coming to class is a priority. If a student skips class they will lose citizenship points.

Class Plan: The purpose of this class is to help students be more successful in school. The beginning of the semester will be devoted to teaching basic academic skills. The remainder of the semester will be a time for the students to work on assignments/study for their other classes. Chromebooks may only be used to work on assigned work for another class- they will not be used for games or other entertainment. If you are caught up in all your classes, you may choose to read or journal write. Talking is NOT an option.

Electronics Policy: Students are not permitted to use any personal electronic device in the school. Students may only use Chromebooks for approved, academic purposes, and will be held financially responsible for any damages. Inappropriate use of the Chromebook will be addressed using the following procedures: 1st incident- loss of Chromebook privileges for a class period; 2nd incident- loss of Chromebook privileges for a full week; 3rd incident- loss of Chromebook privileges for the remainder of the semester.

Participation Points: Participation Points will be used to determine students’ citizenship grade, NOT academic grade. Participation points will be on PowerSchool so parents and students can view them, but they will not be included in the academic grade. Each student begins the term with 100 participation points, divided into five categories of 20 points each based on the Centennial PRIDE Matrix (Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Engagement). Students will lose points if they are not following Behavioral Expectations. Points can be lost the following ways, and cannot be made up.

Participation Points will be used to determine student’s citizenship grade, using the following scale. O (Outstanding) = 95-100 Points S (Satisfactory) = 76-94 Points N (Needs Improvement) = 61-75 Points U (Unsatisfactory) = 0-60 Points

Tardy: Anyone not sitting in their seat when the bell rings will be considered tardy.

Website: Our class website will be Google Classroom. Students will be given the code to join the correct section in class. Remember, students can access Google Classroom from home.