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Last modified: August 1, 2022

Peer Tutor Disclosure

Special Education Peer Tutor

Disclosure Statement

August 19, 2020

Special Education Teacher: Aleesa Pratt


CMS Office:              801-370-4621

Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to another school semester!  We are really excited to have the opportunity to work with your student this semester as a Peer Tutor in our classroom.

Our class is a self-contained special education classroom.  It is a very structured, nurturing environment.  We want to create an optimal “environment for learning.”  Your Peer Tutor student allows us to do that as they help in our classroom because we’re able to provide more one-on-one help.  The class work and activities we do in our classroom are based on our special education students’ IEP goals and therefore it helps a great deal to be able to provide more individualized instruction.  Peer Tutors also allow our students to attend main-stream elective classes as they accompany them and help them.  Our special education students also benefit from socializing with our peer tutors.

Through your student’s experiences in our class this semester, he/she will learn more about working with other people, more about teaching and even more about themselves and other people.  Each day as they come into our classroom, they will sign in.  This attendance sheet is a major portion of your student’s grade.  It might help them if you occasionally ask if they are keeping their log current.  We will remind them in class too.  In addition to working with our students each day, there will be a term reflection and assignment each term. We will use Canvas to complete these assignments. The grading scale for our class will be:

93-100   A                   87-89      B+                80-82    B-                   73-76    C

90-92    A-                   83-86    B                    77-79    C+                 70-72    C-

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.  The very best way to reach me is by email ( Thanks so much for your support and help.


Aleesa Pratt